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From Our Table to Yours

Canada and the United States not only share one of the longest borders in the world, but also similar traditions, cultures and appreciation of food.

What is Taste USA?

Taste USA represents over 40 U.S. trade associations that offer you an amazing selection of fresh and high-quality U.S. food and beverage products, as well as pre-packaged goods…everything from table grapes to craft beer. Most of our products are available throughout the year to complement the Canadian production season.

With the geographical proximity between Canada and the United States, you often hear stories about the interrelated relationship between growers, manufacturers and packers of various products and commodities on both sides of the borders. Taste USA represents all growers, suppliers and trade associations that ensure you get the best quality food from your neighbor next door.

Hear from Our Farmers Across the United States

We would you to meet some of the farmers who bring U.S. foods from their trees to your table.

Myth Busters

Beyond Bone Health: Benefits of Prunes

The power of California Prunes includes important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Together, these nutrients form a web of vital functions that support overall health and the immune system. Beyond bone health, prunes include the antioxidants that protect DNA against damage, decrease inflammation and may help prevent cancer. They can also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, lowering blood cholesterol and maintain good digestive health.
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Is Florida Orange Juice a Nutritious drink?

Florida Orange Juice is a nutritious beverage that you can feel good about serving yourself and your family. Florida Orange juice is an excellent source of both vitamin C and folate, as well as a good source of potassium. Each glass provides nutrients that may play a role in: heart health, brain health, immune system support and more!
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When to Introduce Peanut to Children?

Avoidance of peanuts used to be recommended. Now, for the majority of children, the approach taken in official guidelines is to introduce peanut containing foods early in order to promote tolerance and prevent the development of allergy later.
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Are U.S. Commodities Competing with locally grown commodities?

U.S. commodities are available throughout the year in Canada. They complement the Canadian local production and provide consumers with high quality, nutritious and healthy products. Most U.S. commodities are available in the Canadian market before and after the local peak season to ensure Canadians enjoy locally grown food when in season.
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