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American Peanut Council

The American Peanut Council (APC) is a non-profit trade association that serves as a forum for all segments of the U.S. peanut industry including peanut growers, shellers, brokers, peanut product manufacturers and industry suppliers. The Peanut Bureau of Canada was established in 1999 to serve as the APC’s Canadian information office.

Did you know…?  The average Canadian consumes nearly three kilograms of peanuts and peanut butter per year.  Plus, did you know nearly 80% of the peanuts consumed in Canada are grown in the United States.  The Peanut Bureau of Canada is dedicated to promoting the great taste and health benefits of quality U.S.-grown peanuts.

The APC leads the industry in developing best practices and training on food safety and represents the industry in crisis management – providing industry, government, media and consumers with answers to their questions on food safety issues.  It equally monitors developments in domestic and international markets, and responds with a diverse array of marketing and promotional programs, public relations, trade servicing, food safety, market research and issues management programs that demonstrates the positive health and nutritional attributes as well as the superior quality of U.S. peanuts.  The APC also holds seminars and workshops on a wide range of technical, food safety and issues management topics.

The APC works closely with worldwide peanut associations and international organizations to monitor technical issues and regulatory actions that could impact on the peanut trade.  In cooperation with U.S. and international organizations, the APC participates in discussions regarding international trade regulations in order to ensure that international standards reflect commercial practicalities.