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Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA)

The Western United States Agricultural Trade Association, known as WUSATA, is a non-profit organization funded through the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP). The WUSATA specializes in helping agribusinesses based in the Western United States explore, enter and expand into the global marketplace.

Their aim is to promote and support U.S. food and agricultural products through a range of international marketing programs and trade activities. These include: the Branded Program (which reimburses companies up to 50% of their eligible international marketing expenses); the Generic Program (which assists companies through the organization of trade events, buying missions and other trade activities), and the Outreach Program (which offers a variety of export educational opportunities).  In total, 1,233 companies participated in WUSATA programs this year with 296 being new-to-export.

WUSATA is one of four State Regional Trade Groups (SRTG) in the United States that represents: food and non-food agricultural products, beverages, seafood, agriculture-based food supplements, seed, nursery products and pet foods.