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California Blueberry Commission

The California Blueberry Commission was founded on March 1, 2010.  When the Commission was first formed, it’s mandate was to focus on the following five areas:

  • Providing the California blueberry industry accurate and timely market and production intelligence;
  • Increasing demand for California blueberries in the Western U.S.; 
  • Providing the voice for the California blueberry industry in crop protection trailing and registration, as well as food safety;
  • Facilitating effective communications among California members of the blueberry industry and the U.S.. blueberry industry;
  • Developing new exports.

California is the fifth largest exporter of blueberries, with 80 producers and 20 handlers. Top export markets for California blueberries are Canada and Japan. Last year, California moved a total of 44 million pounds of blueberries into domestic and export pipelines.