California Pear Advisory Board - Taste USA
California Pear Advisory Board

Called “a gift of the gods” by the Greek poet Homer, pears have been praised since ancient times. The early Romans developed over 50 pear varieties and spread them far and wide throughout Europe. Since then, hundreds of other varieties have been introduced, the most popular being the Bartlett.

California Pears come in a wide range of varieties to satisfy a full spectrum of preferences, tastes and uses. Our most popular varieties and seasonality are:

  • The Bartlett, considered the sweetest, juiciest and most flavourful pear
  • The Bosc, a popular dessert pear
  • The Seckel, a small pear that’s big on sweetness
  • The Comice, which has the highest sugar content of all pears
  • The Red Pear, which has the same flavour and texture as the Bartlett
  •  The Forelle, which is  small in size but boasts a juicy sweetness