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On June 14th, Bourbon lovers across Canada will be raising a glass to the sweet stuff, and to the last Monday of not-summer. Bourbon is the most well-known of the American Whiskeys, and the most widely produced across the USA. Aged for at least two years in charred oak barrels, it is recognized around the […]

Trade Mission: SUSTA Beer, Wine & Spirits Virtual Trade Mission

Virtual Trade Mission

SUSTA is offering a Virtual Trade Mission focused on beer, wine and spirits exports to Canada. The activity is designed to connect American producers with Canadian beverage alcohol agents through one-on-one buyer meetings – done in a virtual format. SUSTA’s consultant in Canada will manage shipments of product samples directly to participating agents, to have […]


Trade Mission: WUSATA Specialty Foods Virtual Trade Mission

The Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) is offering a virtual trade mission of packaged foods and non-alcoholic beverages to Canada.  WUSATA aims to connect producers from California, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Hawaii with Canadian importer, distributors and brokers through one-on-one buyer meetings – done in a virtual format. If you are interested in […]