Sunkist Navel Orange Body Scrub

( courtesy of Stillwater Spa Toronto )


– 1 cup of raw sugar
–  ¼ cup of organic honey
–  ¼ cup of fresh squeezed navel orange juice
–  Finish with an orange scented lotion

Do-it-Yourself Instructions

1. The first step is to choose the sugar you think best suits your skin type.  Raw sugar is best forall skin types but especially for more sensitive skin.  If your skin is very dry and can handle a more aggressive scrub you can substitute demerara sugar.

   Simply mix 1 cup of sugar, ¼ cup of organic honey and ¼ cup of fresh squeezed navel orange juice.  You’ll notice that that the orange juice will melt a bit of the sugar.  That’s perfectly normal and you will still have plenty of scrub to exfoliate with.

3.   To complete your at-home body exfoliation, use a dry brush or loofah.  Stand in the shower and exfoliate with the dry brush or loofah before turning the water on.  Once you’ve completed this, start running the shower.  You’ll want it to be as warm as you can handle to help open your pores.  Stand away from the water and scrub your body with the mixture.  Rub each area that you would like to exfoliate for approximately 30 seconds in a circular motion.  Once complete, rinse it off the shower.  Be sure to stand in the shower for a few extra minutes.  Any remains of the mixture will simply melt away.

 4.    Step out of the shower.  Dry yourself completely and moisture with a heavy cream.  Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth.