Bright Rainbow Papaya Salad

An easy, delicious recipe that is amazing for your digestion. Papaya Papaya_(2)contains an enzyme called papain, which can break down the though protein chains found in for example meat. A perfect desert after a hard-to-digest meal!

Serves 2:
3 cups of fresh papaya cut into chunks
1/2 cup each of fresh cilantro and red onions, chopped
1/2 teaspoon each of red pepper flakes, pink Himalayan sea salt and black pepper.
Gently stir and serve!

Did you know the Hawaiian Papaya is a GE success story?

In 1992, Hawaii’s papaya industry was facing a disaster. The Papaya Ringspot Virus (PRSV) was wiping out papaya farms in the Puna district, home to 95% of Hawaii’s papaya fields. The virus had already disabled production in other parts of the island and the Hawaiian papaya industry was on the brink of annihilation. Salvation came from a team of plant pathologists at Cornell University who managed to add a gene from the virus itself into a Sunset papaya and create the Rainbow, a genetically engineered variety resistant to the malicious virus. By the time Rainbow was commercialized in 1998, Hawaii’s papaya production was cut in half and most of the island’s trees were infected. Today, about 77% of the crop is made up of Rainbow papayas and Hawaii’s papaya farmers all agree, there would be no papaya industry without the genetically engineered variety.

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