Canadian Restaurant & Bar Show
October 28thand 29t
Mississauga, Ontario

International Centre

Be sure to catch us at this week’s first edition of the Canadian Restaurant & Bar Show in Mississauga at the International Centre.

New York City-based Chef Amanda Cohen and member to the International Association of Women Chefs & Restaurateurs (WCR) will be featuring U.S. organic carrots in her culinary creation Sunday afternoon , October 28th at the show’s reception.

Monday, October 29th– Cooking Demos

Chef Ryan Marquis, featuring Northwest Bosc Pears.

Chef Kendra Smith, featuring Natural Delights Medjool Dates and USA Pecans.


Montreal Blogger on SIAL Canada 2018

SIAL Canada – USA Pavilion – May 2-4, 2017
Toronto, Ontario

Restaurants Show – February 27, 2017
Toronto, Ontario – tasteU.S. Food Demo 
Chef Sang Kim uses California canned peaches, Northwest Bosc Pears, and US Calrose Rice in a new version of classic Korean dishes.